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40V Battery and Charger Starter Kit

  • Premium lithium-ion battery powered by Samsung SDI™
  • Maintenance-free plug-and-play battery easily snaps into place
  • Compatible with Westinghouse 40VMAX+® Cordless Lawn & Garden Tools System

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2 Ah Battery & Charger
2.5 Ah Battery & Charger
4 Ah Battery & Charger


The Westinghouse 40VMAX+® Battery and Charger Starter Kit provides the source of an emissions-free, high performance alternative to gas powered equipment. Easily swap out tools or expand your tool line with one battery to power them all to make maintaining your yard simple yet efficient. Built with convenience and versatility in mind, this starter kit allows for greater productivity with premium lithium-ion technology powered by Samsung SDI™ battery cells that provide higher power capacity in fewer cells to let you get more work done. More than 30% lighter while holding 300% more power per cell than traditional nickel-cadmium batteries, this battery boasts shorter charge times and longer battery life. With no memory effect and low self-discharge rates, it does not require maintenance and will not lose power over time to ensure you are always ready to go. Combined with the Rapid Charger for faster charges and the option of a 2.0 Ah or 4.0 Ah pack, this kit provides the power to ensure your lawn stays in shape.

2.0 Ah Battery Pack


2.5 Ah Battery Pack and Rapid Charger


4.0 Ah Battery Pack



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