Westinghouse WGen9500DF Review By David Armstrong

By Jackie Green on Wed Jan 20, 21

 The WGen9500DF is a heavy-duty engine that serves as a perfect backup power source for larger homes or a dependable source of portable power with its included set of heavy duty never-flat wheels, handle, and lift bracket. The three starting methods, including pull start, push-button electric start, and remote key fob start allow for a versatile, premium experience. The VFT data center displays volt output, frequency, and lifetime hours to keep you up to date with real-time information and regular maintenance.

For an in-depth breakdown, check out David Armstrong's review. He shows step-by-step how to get started, including the wheel assembly process, charging the battery, and how to fuel up and start the generator on both gas and propane. A helpful breakdown of the control panel and other features, such as the fuel shutoff valve, will help you get familiar with the generator. He continues on to extensively test the engine with various power tools and household appliances, as well as three different ways to hook it up to your home for a backup power setup. Whether you're new to generators or a seasoned pro, this video will tell you everything you need to know about the WGen9500DF!