Westinghouse Power Cord Information

By Jackie Green on Thu Nov 05, 20

Using Westinghouse Power Cord

Use the extension cord chart to determine the size of the conductor for extension cord applications. Determine the distance of the generator to the appliance on the top line of the chart. Then select the rated amperage of the generator on the left side of the chart. Where the two meet is the size of the conductor required for the application.
The WCG25 power cord is connected to the generator at the 120/240 plug. The opposite end of the power cord is a fan tail receptacle with 2 green receptacles and 2 red receptacles. Each receptacle is rated at 120 volts AC. To balance the load on the generator’s alternator, use the red and green identifiers on the fan tail receptacle. To keep the load balanced, connect the loads so that both color receptacles are used. An example is one in red and one in green. Do not connect 2 in red and none in green, or 2 in green and none in red. If only one color receptacle is used with multiple loads, the alternator may experience an unbalanced load, causing undue vibration to generator.