Westinghouse ePX2000 Electric Pressure Washer Review By Tool Boss

By Jackie Green on Wed Jan 20, 21

With an ultra-compact frame that packs a serious punch, the ePX2000 Electric Pressure Washer is the perfect pressure washer to handle your household surfaces. At 14 inches tall, storage is a breeze. Designed with four-wheel steering with anti-tipping technology, the 360º Quick-Lock Wheels will go where you go, free of hassle. 

Tool Boss walks through the initial unboxing, assembly, and disassembly in this video. The extensive product demonstration showcases the versatility and grime-blasting power of this pressure washer. With his detailed breakdown of its features and how it stacks up against his experience with other pressure washers, you'll learn exactly why the ePX2000 is a great choice for your household needs!