Westinghouse ePX3050 Electric Pressure Washer Review By HOBOTECH

By Jackie Green on Wed Jan 20, 21

With an ultra-compact frame that packs 2030 max PSI of pressure and up to 1.76 GPM of water flow, this electric pressure washer has the muscle to scrub mildew, grease, oil, tar, mud, rust, and more away from all household surfaces. Designed with anti-tipping technology and 360° four-wheel steering to maximize comfort and maneuverability, the ePX3050 Electric Pressure Washer will follow you from lawn to driveway in one smooth motion.

 Watch HOBOTECH's honest review for an unboxing and detailed demonstration. He includes helpful tips on the interchangeable nozzles and adding detergent, as well the benefits of the compact size of the ePX3050 Electric Pressure Washer.