Float the Neutral - WGen5500, WGen6000, WGen7500, WGen7500DF

By Jackie Green on Thu Nov 05, 20


If your refrigerator keeps tripping the 120V GFCI outlet on your portable generator then you will need to float the neutral. Please see steps below:

Step 1: Begin by removing the alternator cover.

Step 2: Once the cover is off remove the nut that holds the bonded ground jumper wire (see “2” in photo below).

Step 3: Once the nut is removed take the bonded jumper wire off and re-secure the nut.

Step 4: Next remove the screw holding the neutral ground wire (see “1” in photo below). Overlay the bonded jumper wire lead (2) on top of the neutral ground (1) and tighten the screw.

Step 5: If the bonded neutral is removed the generator must be relabeled as floating neutral on the control panel.

Note: Always keep the jumper wire in case it is needed in the future.

Alternator Neutral Ground Wire (Green with yellow stripe)
Alternator Bonded Jumper Wire (Green with yellow stripe)