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Too Cold for Your Portable Generator?

By Linda Li on Thu Jan 16, 20

Have you ever had that moment of wonder when the first snow falls and blankets your surroundings in a beautiful white glow that seems to shimmer back under the light of the sun? It’s enchanting.  Until the snow falls for days on end, the power lines cut out, and you’re in the middle of the blizzard of the century freezing your buns off in the bitter cold with no end in sight and desperate for survival.   You’re not worried though, you knew this was going to happen as it inevitably happens every year which is why this year you went out of your way to purchase a portable generator. You’ve done your research and this one has enough...

Safe Operation Guide for Portable Generators

By Linda Li on Thu Jan 16, 20

Safe Operation for Portable Generators  Portable generators are a dependable source of power whether there’s a weather emergency or you’re on the road with your camper. It’s one of our most convenient resources for maintaining comfort and peace of mind where there may not always an easy outlet to plug into. Rugged and sturdy, they spend from days to nights with us to keep our lives going just when we think we’re out of luck.  That’s why it’s important to understand and be aware of how to operate your generator safely—to ensure your friends and family can continue enjoying their time without worrying about the possible dangers if not taken care of properly. ...